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Toni Hurme logo


To design a logo.
Accompany design with a short brochure describing appropriate usage of a logo.

I was asked by Toni to come up with a design of a logo for his jewellery workshop. The desired logo had to reflect its owners respect to historical craftsmanship, yet at the same time to have some modern feel to it. While in the process, all client’s wishes and proposals were considered, and after a dozen of sketches and 5 variations, a final version was selected.

The new logo looks solid and retains strong personality. In addition, it exists in three separate variations and thus can be applied on a variety of backgrounds, surfaces and finishes.


Toni Hurme is a Finnish jeweller carrying more than 21 years of experience behind his back. Being inspired by nature, thus simplicity and elegance, he creates beautiful artwork for generations to cherish.

Toni Hurme logo