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Ipeka Splitter-B


To create high resolution, photo-realistic 3d visualisation and 360° view.

Precisely cutting small breads such as bread rolls, buns, pita breads and others requires significant effort, and doing so at high speeds is even more challenging. Thanks to an adjustable cutting blade, the exceptional Splitter-B from Ipeka splits bread with millimetre precision, resulting in halves accurately overlapping. It feeds product in two separate rows which allows product to be processed at a staggering 14 000 units per hour. I was responsible for creating the 3d visualisation of this machine.


Ipeka automation Oy is a bakery equipment manufacturer from Finland. With more than 40 years of expertise, its activity has had a significant impact on the development of a high-end professional bakery technology worldwide. Ipeka’s well-known, quality machines serve in more than 42 countries all across the globe, so the chances are, that the very bread you ate this morning — was prepared by the means of its equipment.

Ipeka Splitter-B

(Click & drag to view from around 360°)