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Ipeka corporate website


To identify present design issues and to develop solutions for them.
To redesign layout, retouch photographs, and recode website components.

Ipeka can be called a true internet veteran. It has been promoting its business and products online since year 1998. In order to enlive its online presence I was commissioned to refresh and fine-tune their corporate website. The updated version of the site presents whole array of Ipeka’s products in a more cleaner and structured fashion.


Ipeka automation Oy is a bakery equipment manufacturer from Finland. With more than 40 years of expertise, its activity has had a significant impact on the development of a high-end professional bakery technology worldwide. Ipeka’s well-known, quality machines serve in more than 42 countries all across the globe, so the chances are, that the very bread you ate this morning — was prepared by the means of its equipment.

Ipeka homepage

Updated homepage looks clean and solid

Ipeka homepage

Complete product list

Ipeka homepage

Machine details and highlights.
See MasterSlicer 1W case

Ipeka homepage

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