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Ipeka promotional video №2


To compile a dynamic and attractive-looking clip using an existing footage that showcases company’s product range.

Finnish company Ipeka designs, manufactures and services professional equipment for bakeries all over the world. With fully automatic bread slicers, packaging, stacking, crate handling and various other machines among its product line, it is capable of satisfying every bakery needs from A to z. This short clip catches just a glimpse of Ipeka’s broad product range.


Ipeka automation Oy is a bakery equipment manufacturer from Finland. With more than 40 years of expertise, its activity has had a significant impact on the development of a high-end professional bakery technology worldwide. Ipeka’s well-known, quality machines serve in more than 42 countries all across the globe, so the chances are, that the very bread you ate this morning — was prepared by the means of its equipment.

Let the hypnosis begin!