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Ipeka MasterSlicer user interface


To plan and design simple and intuitive user interface that is to be used in a busy industrial environments.
To deal with technical, software and cross-lingual limitations.
To design and accompany interface with user’s manual that in simple manner describes its operation.

Modern industrial plants are surrounded with dozens of highly sophisticated industrial devices. The problem is that majority of them lack simple and easy-to-use interfaces. The logic and look of control panels is often neglected, they are made in rush and in most cases by software developers, not dedicated designers.

Bakery industry is no exception. That’s why Ipeka is making change with their updated user interface for MasterSlicer range bread slicers. I was responsible for designing the whole look, feel and logic of the new interface. The purpose of every single screen and usage scenario have been rethought and evaluated. Only the most necessary functions and elements have been retained.

This has resulted in a pleasant to look and a comfortable to use interface.


Ipeka automation Oy is a bakery equipment manufacturer from Finland. With more than 40 years of expertise, its activity has had a significant impact on the development of a high-end professional bakery technology worldwide. Ipeka’s well-known, quality machines serve in more than 42 countries all across the globe, so the chances are, that the very bread you ate this morning — was prepared by the means of its equipment.

MasterSlicer user interface Home screen

Home screen

MasterSlicer user interface blade tightening screen

Visual aid allows unmistakable operation

MasterSlicer user interface alert illustrations

Colourful symbolic illustrations help identifying issues quick and at a distance

MasterSlicer user interface manuals

User’s manual in different languages

MasterSlicer user interface manual

Short descriptions accompanied by actual screen samples make learning easier


MasterSlicer user interface in action