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Ipeka MasterSlicer


To create the 3d model,
360° visualisation,
as well as high resolution, photo-realistic imagery that is to be used for printed posters and in digital media.

MasterSlicer is a range of advanced, high performance industrial bread slicers with a reputable history. In order to present the new, updated lineup of this beautiful piece of engineering to the public, I was asked to create a high-resolution imagery that is to be used in print and web.

Interactive 360° view gives a glance of the new MasterSlicer from all around.


Ipeka automation Oy is a bakery equipment manufacturer from Finland. With more than 40 years of expertise, its activity has had a significant impact on the development of a high-end professional bakery technology worldwide. Ipeka’s well-known, quality machines serve in more than 42 countries all across the globe, so the chances are, that the very bread you ate this morning — was prepared by the means of its equipment.

MasterSlicer 1W

MasterSlicer 1W — the next iteration of the most successful bread slicer

MasterSlicer 1W frontal view
MasterSlicer 1W back view
MasterSlicer E

MasterSlicer E — perfect balance between cost and performance

MasterSlicer E from aside